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Florida Sunny Houses Partners
​ALAMO is a very trustfull company wich has offices at many airports.
As a service we can offer you a very affordable car rental. We do cooperate with one of the best and biggest car rental companies in America.
If you follow this link:                              you will find all the cars you like for a wonderful holiday.

If you put in our special promo code: FL-Villa10 you are entitled to have an extra discount of $ 10.- on top of their already low and competitive prices.     

Please note that very probably you will travel with suitcases, handluggage, maybe golf clubs. Do not choose a car which will be too small to put in all your luggage as well as the luggage of your travel companions.        

Driving a car in America is very comfortable. 
The maximum speed at Interstates is 70-75 miles. Most of the cars will not speed above this as the enforcement by the State Troopers is very strict and fines are high.
A very common thought is that in America you can keep your lane. Not anymore!! 
Just as in other countries after passing a vehicle by driving in the left lane you must go back to the right lane.

Turning right at a red traffic light is allowed but you must come to a complete stop for at least 3 seconds, giving way of right to traffic which is coming from the left and only than when the crossing is totally free you can turn right. Pls keep an eye for the sign: At red no turn right. If you see that do not turn right until the traffic light is green.

​Coming from Europe you will see that you will ride on Interstates for which you need to pay toll. Do take banknotes with you from $ 1, $ 5, and $ 10.
ALAMO Car Rental special offer
Buying a house
The time of buying a house has never been better than now. Prices of houses are at their lowest and increasing.
Comparing with other countries in Europe the prices of a villa with a private swimming pool in Florida are very competitive. Owning a house in another country can cause a lot of headache. We take that from you away as we personaly take care of your house, inspect it regularly, report monthly to you and if you want it we will rent it out also. If you are interested please contact :
If you are interested in purchasing a home in Florida, Leo Duijvestijn, a certified realtor, can help and advise you. He has considerable experience in the area particularly with foreign clients and lives in the same resort
He speaks English, German and Dutch You can reach him by:
Cell phone: (+1) 352 419 2896
e-mail: leonardusrealtor@gmail.com
website: www.leonardusrealtor.com